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Nozie slimming tea - N2,400

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Nozie Slimming Tea is a unique antioxidant formula made from organic tea plants to overcome overweight and burn excess fat problem (obesity). It contains aromatic compounds which can dissolve fat and stop lipids accumulating in the body. Nozie Slimming Tea reduces, tightens large flabby bellies, burn excessive fat and detoxifies the intestinal tract. In addition, the blend of natural plants has an unequaled efficacy with guarantee quick weight loss.

Taking About 3 packs of this tea in a month gives result like magic.

A pack of Nozie Slimming Tea contains 25 teabags.

As this tea is a guaranteed weight loss in four weeks, it is recommended to boil four teabags in two liters of water and consume it in a day to achieve the desired weight loss in four weeks.


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Nozie Detox Bitter Tea And Slimming Tea(N2,400 Each) - N4,800

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Note: This item contains 1 pack of Detox Bitter Tea & 1 pack of Slimming Tea.

Nozie Detox Bitter Tea is a 100% blend of premium quality herbs well formulated for general body cleansing. It reduces free radicals and removes harmful toxins in the body, thereby boosting immunity and help the body to resist diseases.
Nozie Detox Bitter Tea also serves as a protector and cleanser for the digestive system.

After taking the Bitter Tea for the first week, you proceed to taking the slimming tea for maximum result.

Amazing One Month Program

Amazing 4 packs in 1 Month Program(N2,400 Each) = N9,600

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This package contains 1 pack of Detox Bitter Tea and 3 packs of Slimming Tea. From our experience and testimonies of our happy costumers, This package has been proven to give you your desired result of flat tummy, and burn general fat in your body. 

READ about the Detox Bitter Tea And Slimming Tea above.

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